Where the Rivers Meet

If you're looking for peace, rivers and like to spot beautiful and awesome houses along the way, this route is for you! This loop of around 7 km can be started close to the tip of the well known Watersportbaan, but can also easily be part of a longer run.

This running route will guide you alongside the Leie, one of the many rivers you can find in Ghent. Since this route is located somewhat outside of the centre of Ghent, this route is a lot quieter compared to some of the other runs Ghent has to offer. So, I would not let this less known part of Ghent discourage you to go there for a run. Some stunning views and awesome houses to spot are waiting. Let's get into it!

River with a boat and willow trees
The Leie river and some willow trees during a cloudy winter run

If you are not quite familiar with the places outside of Ghent, getting to the starting spot can be a bit tricky. You can find the easiest way to access it here. Depending on what is closest to you, you can use either entry point 1 or 2. Since I like to combine this route with a part of the Blaarmeersen, I'm mostly using entry number 2. Here, you just have to keep on following the wide bike path next to the Blaarmeersen and the river (as is shown by the red arrow on the map) until you go under the bridge which is impossible to miss. From there onwards you can start in either direction. If you're at the tip of the Watersportbaan and want to go to starting point 1, this requires you to cross the big white bridge and navigate to the start. Or if you're with the car, you can just park here.

Now that the hardest part is completed, let's get to the route itself. Since you will be following the paths next to the river, the route is not to difficult to follow. Besides if you do get lost, I'm sure you will only discover some more interesting and stunning spots. This route also has a completely different look depending on the season. In Winter, the rivers can get quite high while in Spring and Summer you can enjoy the trees in full bloom. What's more to like about this route is all the different kind of houses. You can find some of the most majestic villas Ghent has to offer next to the river but also some really awesome houses, like the one in the photograph below.

house and garden
An awesome house along the route, and yes, there is a skeleton playing the piano in the garden
The Leie route, you can start the route at either point 1 or point 2

If you enjoyed this route, be sure to give it a like, share it with friends, and don't forget to check out the other routes below or above 10 km! If you have some suggestions or variations to this specific route, let me know below this post or send me an email.

💡 Tip: this route is also a lovely alternative to go for a walk instead of the Blaarmeersen or Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen