The Classics - Watersportbaan and Blaarmeersen

Updated: Jan 2

The main route goes around the Watersportbaan - a 2300 meters long rowing course - for a total running distance of 5 km. The route is ideal for runners prone to injuries as there is a Finnish track covering most of the route! Your workout can easily be extended by another 1.5 km, for a total of 6.5 km, by adding the recreational park the Blaarmeersen to your route.

These routes will be a well-known terrain to frequent joggers in Ghent but I just could not leave them out. The route around the Watersportbaan is easy to follow and can be started wherever you like. However, you will find most people starting near the entrance of the University of Ghent's sports faculty (GUSB), since you can easily park your bike there. For your car, there is parking space all around the Watersportbaan. With an exact distance of 5000 meters, this route is ideal to work on your running pace during an interval training.

sunset watersportbaan
A lovely sunset next to the Watersportbaan

Most people will be familiar with running the track around the Watersportbaan, but I've noticed that only a few know about the secret entrance to the Blaarmeersen from the Watersportbaan. Since this is a really nice expansion of your run, it is definitely worth adding at to your route. The entrance can be found after passing the tip of the Watersportbaan and crossing the busy road right into the forest. You will find a short hill followed by a quiet straight path with trees on both sides. After a few 100 meters you can spot the beach on the other side, a popular place to cool off during the summer as you can swim in the water!

Blaarmeersen Beach Ghent Running Track
An almost empty beach in the Blaarmeersen

At a certain point, you will see a split in the route, one going straight and up, the other going to the left and down. The route as shown below follows the path going down, but if you're up for the challenge go for the climb! This is also an ideal track for hill training. On top of the hill, you will find a tower looking over the skyline of Ghent - be sure to share your pictures from the lookout post! Eventually, both paths join again so you can continue the route to where you started without getting lost.

The 5 km track around the Watersportbaan
The Watersportbaan extended route with the Blaarmeersen

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đź’ˇ Tip: When running next to the Watersportbaan, run on the sidewalk on the other side of the road if you don't like flies for breakfast, lunch or dinner. đź’ˇ Tip: in Spring or Autumn, go for a walk in the Blaarmeersen with friends or family!