South Park

Not to be mistaken for the cartoon, but rather het Zuidpark. Officially known as the Koning Albertpark, this park is located in the centre of Ghent. The 600-meter loop going around the centre grass perks is ideal for beginning running enthusiasts.

Het Zuidpark, one of the many parks where you can go for a run in Ghent. Of all the parks I find this one to be the best one for starting runners. The 600-meter loop can be super rewarding because you can easily complete multiple laps.

Zuidpark, Koning Albertpark
The Zuidpark is the perfect place in Ghent for starting runners.

The wide paths allow you to easily pass other people just walking around. Put on some good music or an inspirational podcast and enjoy your run!

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💡 Tip: This route is also ideal for a short interval training. This will be a sure way to impress others by showing off how fast you can run!