Podcasts That Will Get You Motivated to Run

Updated: Feb 3

Let's be honest, running can get quite boring. All that motivation you had at the beginning of your running schedule - whatever it is you are currently training for - seems to be lost. Even listening to your favourite music can get monotomous. One of the things that I've found that can consistently motivate me to go running is listening to podcasts. Next to giving you the motivation to run, podcasts are a great way of learning new things and expanding your knowledge on any topic. For me, podcasts tend to also suck me in completely, making time fly by - even while working out.

However, with the vast amount of podcasts that are out there, it isn't easy to find one that can live up to your needs and interests. To make it easy for you, I've provided a selection of podcasts that I've found to be really enjoyable while running. Even up to a certain point where I'm even looking forward to the next training just to continue listening!

The podcasts below are a selection of my favourite - Dutch and English spoken - podcasts that have helped me find the motivation to put on my running shoes and get out there.

Recommended Dutch podcasts:

  • Nerdland. As already pretty obvious by the name, this one is for people interested in the latest science updates. Led by the enthusiastic Lieven Scheire who is accompanied by some of the most passionate scientists Belgium has to offer, this podcast will keep you easily busy for more than 2 hours. With a monthly episode, you are guaranteed to keep up with all the latest scientific news. Available on Spotify and Apple podcasts this one is worth a listen!

  • #weetikveel. Each 40-minute podcast handles a specific topic. From heartbreaks to shoes to the Olympics. Time will fly by while you broaden your knowledge on this wide variety of topics, this way you will always have something new and interesting to bring up in a conversation with your friends or colleagues.

Recommended English podcasts:

  • Not Overthinking. Talking about happiness, creativity and productivity, this podcast goes into the stuff you normally don't think about - or at least not to the level of the two brothers Ali and Taimur. Their in-depth discussions are guaranteed to broaden your way of thinking and boost your productivity. With an average length of about 50-60 minutes, these are an ideal choice for your routine run.

  • Rich Roll. If you're looking for motivation and inspiration to work out, this is the podcast for you. The host is an ultra-endurance athlete that has deep and intimate conversations with a large variety of guest about topics such as health, sports, nutrition, entrepreneurship and life in general.

  • The Tim Ferris Show. For those who are unfamiliar with Tim Ferris' New York bestseller the 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris is an entrepreneur, businessman and author. This podcast has been the #1 Apple business podcasts for a few times now. With guests such as Hugh Jackman, Dr. Jane Goodall and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim talks about their interests, favourite books, exercise habits and so much more.

  • How I Built This. An exceptionally well-edited podcast on the life choices of entrepreneurs, innovators, and idealists. The guests talk about their stories and how they built some of the world's best-known companies. If you are looking for inspirational stories combined with beautiful sound effects I would highly recommend giving this podcast a try. Episodes go from 20 minutes up to 1 hour and a half, so plenty of choices to match your training.

If you have a podcast that you'd to recommend to your colleague runners, comment it down below with an explanation of why that particular podcast motivates you to run!