Most Beautiful Routes Below 21 km

Updated: Jan 19

21 km! Half a marathon... That isn't your everyday distance anymore, and it's not impossible! This is also the kind of distance that's already worth boasting about to your friends, family or colleagues at work. If you've already reached this far, there is no stopping now. From now on you will only start to enjoy running more and more. Besides, the best thing about these larger distances is that it will give you a lot more freedom in designing your routes and you will be able to discover new places that you could not reach before.

Sunset nature park
Enjoying the sunset somewhere in the Gentbrugse Meersen

However, while being able to run longer distances will give you more freedom to create new routes, it's also becoming more and more difficult to find inspiration to cover the distance. That's why you have come exactly to the right place! I have had the same issues before and have created the most enjoyable routes up to 21 km for you. If you have been following the most beautiful routes below 10 km, I can 100 % guarantee that you will enjoy their larger parts as well. Without further ado, let's get to the most beautiful routes in and around Ghent for running up to 21 km. Let's beat that half marathon goal!

The list is currently under construction, so a lot of new routes will be added in the coming period! Be sure to visit once in a while to find new exciting routes.

Of course, if you are eager to share one of your favourite routes you can always comment it below, or send a private email!