Down the Schelde (Scheldt)

This route will take you alongside one of the biggest rivers flowing through Belgium, the Schelde (Scheldt). The route is ideal if you are looking for a run in nature next to a quiet river and through some of the more remotely located - read more quiet - parks of Ghent.

Here you can find the suggested route and starting point, but of course, this can be adjusted to what fits you best. The route shown below can be adjusted to go from 8 to 10 km, making this an ideal one to finally break that 10 km mark for the first time! The path itself is almost entirely flat and forms a loop, so you will end where you started.

Running in Ghent, sunrays on a morning jog
Sunrays during the morning jog next to the Schelde

The route is best started at the Stropkaai, next to the newly built white pedestrian bridge over the Schelde. From there it is a straight way down the river, that starts off on the road but eventually turns into a path where only bikes and pedestrians are allowed.

Finally, at the end of the route, you can use the bridge to get to the other side of the river. Or just go back the same way - but this will let you miss out on some of the most lovely parts of the route. The choice is yours!

After crossing the bridge over the river, you can either go back directly to the water or find the 'secret' entrance into the Liedemeerspark. In the park, you will be rewarded with the sight of a lovely little lake with some beautiful willow trees hanging over the water.

The almost frozen lake in the Liedemeerspark during a winter jog

Depending on the length of your run, you can go for a few laps in or around the park or you can continue the way back next to the water. From there, you keep on going straight - following the water - until you get back to the white pedestrian bridge that you can cross, so you are back where your run began.

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💡 Tip: this route is also very enjoyable for a small hike with friends or family!