Alongside the Schelde (Scheldt)

Updated: Jan 24

This serene route will guide you on a delightful path next to the river the Schelde. Here, you will enjoy wide and open views over the agricultural fields just outside of Ghent. The length of the route can be easily adjusted according to what you need for your training since the route will just go in a straight line and you can turn and go back any time. The suggested route will be 8 to 11 km long depending on if you are willing to add the hidden gem at the end to your route.

You can start your training by navigating to the bridge in the lively Keizerspark. From there, you should start going east while keeping the river on your left. You will pass various apartments on your right before you will be rewarded with the open view of the fields.

Open fields outside of Ghent
Soothing open fields just outside of Ghent

At this point, you can just turn and go back the way you came when you like. I usually continue as far as the bridge of the E17 highway for a nice 8 km run. This route is ideal for an interval training because of the long straight stretches that make you able to put all your focus on getting your pace right.

If you like to explore the peaceful suburban streets of Gentbrugge you can - just before you reach the bridge - turn to your right. This will take you through the fields and passes by some small farms with horses, sheep and goats. Eventually, you will end up in the neighbourhood of Gentbrugge. If you are not familiar with this place, it can be quite a maze getting out of there - speaking from experience - so keep your Google Maps close! When you make your way back to the main route where you came from, you can continue back to the Keizerpark and be happy with yet another rewarding run.

path next to water in Ghent
Hidden gem in the city of Ghent

If you are looking for a hidden gem in Ghent, you can extend your route for another 1 to 2 km by going over the white bridge that's crossing the Schelde. Once you've crossed the bridge, you should turn left immediately, cross the street and go next to the river in front of you. Go right and follow the small path for a lovely view of an unfamiliar sight in Ghent. This path will take you past some really cosy houses and the backside of the beguinage until you reach the next bridge. Here, you can keep going straight for more riverside running or go back to where you started to wrap up your training. This place is one of my favourite places to add to my run because of how quiet it always is.

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💡 Tip: I love to time my way back with the sunset. This should treat you to some of the most beautiful open sights of the setting sun in Ghent.

💡 Tip: this route can be the start of a longer training where instead of turning back, you keep following the Schelde and eventually navigate back via the second part of the route described here. A more detailed route plan will follow!

💡 Tip: The hidden gem can also be very romantic to go for a walk at sunset.